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For one man, success is spelled S-E-X. Here's a look at a lustrous life.

Dave Levine wins at XBIZ 2011

Dave Levine at XBIZ 2011, recipient of "Best Retail Site of The Year" for

Dave was born May 6, 1968 and grew up in Lynnfield, a suburb north of Boston Massachusetts. He went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and graduated with a BA in Economics in 1990. After graduation he lived in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan for one year with a Japanese family where he taught English and became conversationally fluent by hanging out with Japanese friends almost every night of the week. After Japan, Dave lived in New York City for one year and then moved back to Boston and worked for his father's vending company for 2 years.

In 1994, four days after seeing the world wide web for the first time, Dave told his father that he would take a leave of absence to figure out how to make money on the web. He started an internet mall selling books, t-shirts, watches, and more. He called the company Convergence Inc. (now named CNV Inc.) But after several months running the mall, Dave realized that in order to survive, he needed to pick one product niche and focus. His best store measured in traffic, sales, and profits was sex toys; consequently, Dave said to himself, “looks like I need to become the king of sex toys.“ So, in 1995 Dave bought in from internic for $70. In 1996, CNV Inc. created the first affiliate program for adult products at Shortly after that he opened up, which was one of the first sites to offer wholesale and dropship for adult products on the internet; further extending the company's leadership as an online B2B supplier of adult products.

Sex Toy Dave

Dave is as active outdoors as he is selling Sex Toys.

Once business started settling in, Dave did what every single Bostonian man does to upgrade his lifestyle and that was a pilgrimage from Boston to Hollywood…In 2005, Dave bought a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and within a year Hollywood gave him the moniker Sex Toy Dave and a reputation for throwing great parties. His 2008 appearance on Bravo’s hit show Millionaire Matchmaker elevated his popularity from the Hollywood scene to national attention. As Sex Toy Dave, Dave made several other appearances on TV, radio and internet broadcasts.

After getting a reputation for being one of the most desired bachelors and a party boy, Dave surprised many by getting married. Dave and his wife continue to throw some amazing hollywood parties, and recently Dave has started performing and hosting comedy shows. Dave reports that since 2009, the company has started another one of its rapid growth spurts. Stay tuned…