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My Experience on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker

I got a call from a casting company early summer of 2007 regarding Bravo’s reality show called "Millionaire Matchmaker." I was single, and even more importantly, a media whore. With that, I agreed to check out this show. The casting guy was a gay Israeli man who told me in a somewhat queeny voice, "You’re fabulous! Your face lights up the screen. You have to be on the show." I was quite nervous because with editing, these shows can make you look bad, but this seemed like a great deal for free business marketing, and of course, there was always the chance that I could meet "the one!"

I met Patty and was somewhat intimidated by the cameras and Patty’s attacks. But I love a challenge and had fun with her outrageous comments. Two days later, she had Harold and I met 15 girls. I love networking a room of girls, and two girls caught my interest. Sara was hot with piercing eyes. Brooke though impressed me with her all around style. I picked Brooke because she seemed more well rounded with a more compatible personality. Sara struck me as just another Hollywood gold digger.

On the third day of filming, I met Brooke for dinner. She seemed great all around and I was genuinely interested in her! As dinner progressed, however, I started noticing some strange inconsistencies in things she said, but I ignored those and you see no sign of that on TV. We wrapped up the show after a short visit to my place, but after the filming stopped things really started getting weird. To make a long story short, I eventually learned from her that she was "using me to get on TV" and she had a boyfriend at the time. A few days later she came to a party of mine where she ended up getting crazy drunk, made out with a friend of mine, horrified my friends, and actually got in a physical fight with two girls! Needless to say, this true romance was hardly going anywhere.

A few months later, Brooke contacted me saying she stopped drinking, broke up with the boyfriend, and really wanted to give it another chance with me. I basically said no…but she persisted. She kept asking and I kept pushing her away. Finally I told her that if she shows up at my house at noon with filet mignon medium rare at noon, I would have lunch with her. Shockingly she did it! I was impressed by the effort and decided to give her another chance. I later asked her out for a real date on a Friday night. We went out for dinner which was nice, but after dinner she insisted on going to the hot LA club of the moment. Since it was a date, I was not really interested in that, but she insisted, just for a short visit. She had quit drinking anyways…we got into the club and she immediately disappeared with friends and started drinking. Then she told me lies about how she "had to stay" to help out her friend. I could see where this was going, and I left. She ended up getting trashed, going to an after party, and hooking up with another guy from my industry that night!

Although it didn’t work out with Brooke, being on that show had a big impact on my life. The main thing I learned was the true marketing power of "celebrity." People love anyone who is on TV…I realized that when you look at a magazine like People or US Weekly, it is just a magazine with pictures of people walking down the street. Quite boring, but since those people are on TV or in movies, everyone cares about them. It is fun to have people care about me for no reason as well. And I love having people look all excited when they realize I am "that guy with the stripper pole!"

When the show was airing, I would go to a club and have several girls come up to me and immediately tell me they love me. And they were asking to come back to my house because they had seen it on TV. Needless to say, this made going to a club extra fun. I even see positive impact when I go to business conventions as some people are more interested in meeting or working with me because they feel they have a connection from seeing me on the show. Further, the show translated into increased business as several people admired my business and sought out my site in order to get into selling sex toys through my company,, Inc.

My episode was popular, so Bravo contacted me again to give it another try. I was excited to try again, but this time would be more careful to not get fooled by a girl like Brooke. Unfortunately, Patty insisted that I can not choose from several girls. Instead she just picked out one girl for me, and since Patty could not spot a hooker in a whore house, I was paired with a girl who simply wanted to immediately move in and have me "hire" her. She claimed to be an "accountant" because she wanted to manage my money! The girl just wanted to have sex immediately so that she would "own" me. Patty, however, makes it clear that sex on the first date is something she will not allow. Since meeting hot gold diggers is something I can do on my own, I didn't care that I had to say no to sex with this girl. The date was long and a bit uncomfortable…I disagreed with the editing of the show which tried to portray this girl as what I am looking for, but that is the reality of doing reality television. It never comes out the way I would like…