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"Why do you go on reality shows?"

If you can find me an easier way to get some free marketing in front of millions of people, let me know. As long as my name on TV is "Sex Toy Dave" my appearance is great free marketing. That name implies what I do and is an easy name to find on the internet. Also, I am an honest person who is proud of my life. Thus, I don't mind being open and honest on camera. And I do love the attention.

"What was it like being on Millionaire Matchmaker?"

I got a call from a casting company early summer of 2007 regarding Bravo’s reality show called "Millionaire Matchmaker". I was single and even more importantly, a media whore. With that, I agreed to check out this show. The casting guy was a gay Israeli man who told me in a somewhat queeny voice, "You’re fabulous! Your face lights up the screen. You have to be on the show." I was quite nervous because with editing, these shows can make you look bad, but this seemed like a great deal for free business marketing, and of course, there was always the chance that I could meet "the one"!
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"Are you still single?"

I got married November 5, 2010. Many people were shocked that I got married because in 2009 I was regularly going out with many girls at once, in limos, throwing big parties filled with hot girls and was on 3 TV shows just in that year—but it was always my plan to climb to the top of the social ladder, choose the best, and get married. I was at the top of the social ladder and was with an amazing woman, so I knew it was time. Also, at 42, it was a good time to change direction toward starting a family. I didn't want to be the 50 year old still rounding up new young girls every week. Yes, that is a fun lifestyle, but I decided that a real relationship with a great girl, and to raise kids would be a better life for me.

"Did Patti (from Millionaire Matchmaker) help you find your current wife?"

No. The last girl Patti fixed me up with licked my eyeball on TV. Also, I only used her service while on the show. I met my wife at one of my parties a few years ago.

"Do you still have the stripper pole?"

Yes. My wife loves my lap dance moves. And if the toy business doesn't work out, I can always fall back on stripping.

"What does your family think about what you do?"

In 1995 my father was worried I couldn't sell enough over the computer to make a living. He no longer worries about that. And my mother was worried she would be embarrassed in front of friends, but now that sex toys are more mainstream, she gives away toys to her friends. She also loved the attention she has gotten from my TV appearances.

"Are you still throwing parties?"

When I moved into my new house, I threw a party every Saturday for 8 months. By the end of 8 months the parties got so big that I had to stop for a while, but by then everyone in Hollywood knew me and to my surprise were calling me "Sex Toy Dave." Now that I am married, my wife and I are still like having fun and we have thrown a few parties. We expect to occasionally throw parties even though someday they may be kid parties :)

"How is your business doing?"

I started in 1995 and it was always profitable. In 1999, 2000, 2001 the business had a huge growth spurt growing about 70% per year for 3 years in a row. Then, I moved out to LA and started going out every night. Not surprisingly, business plateaued for the next few years. Recently however, I have started bringing in smart people and initiated formal goal setting for the company. As a result since 2009, we have started another rapid growth spurt. Traditionally our main business has been B2B services to help other companies sell adult products online. But in the last few years, our retail site has grown to represent over 20% of sales, and we recently won the XBIZ 2011 Retail Site of The Year Award.

"What are your best selling sex toys?"

Traditionally most of our revenue has come from rabbit style vibrators and realistic dildos. This is because those items not only sell well, but they also can be expensive. The best seller by volume is our $3 vibrating bullet. Recently however, we increased our inventory from only 8000 items in 2007 to over 100,000 now. As a result we have added entirely new lines such as lingerie, DVD’s, fetish products, and continue to add more varied products quickly. Thus over the next year or two, this best seller answer could change. Check out our Best Selling Sex Toys page.

"How can I get on a reality TV show?"

Just follow my advice!