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How to Become a Reality TV Star

Hi, my name is Dave Levine or as known in the Reality TV world as Sex Toy Dave. Some of you know me from Millionaire Matchmaker or Megan wants a Millionaire. I’m here to share with you my tips on how to find a reality show, how to audition for one and how to succeed on one.

I get asked all the time “How do I go to get on a reality TV show?” Well, there are a lot of ways to make it happen.

  • Become the center of attention. I did this by throwing parties in the Hollywood Hills. Remember that reality characters come from real life. If you are the center of attention in real life, it will make sense for you to be able to grab attention on a show. Throwing parties is great because people often love the host. After throwing many parties many people in Hollywood knew of my personality and liked it.
  • Another way to get on a show is to network with people who run the shows, do casting for shows or are actually on shows.
  • There are always reality castings going on. Check out sites like,, Craig’s List TV listings, MTV's casting call, and to see what’s out there and available.
  • Try out for any and all shows. Don’t be picky about the type of show you are on. No matter what show you do, you will learn a lot and it will make it easier to get more shows. Think of your first show as an audition for the next show. When I got to Hollywood, the first thing I did was go on Blind date which was accepting anyone with a pulse. I never told anyone about it and few people ever saw it, but I learned a ton about how it all works.

The audition is extremely important.
Be prepared to sign a contract as soon as you arrive. Most contracts simply give them the right to use whatever is filmed at anytime in any place. Thus what they film may appear on the actual show even if you don’t make the show. If you are concerned about the contract, you can probably have them email it to you the day before for your lawyer to review, but if you are not already rich and have an established media brand. Most big reality shows audition tens of thousands of people. Here’s what I’m thinking about during auditions:

  • Be yourself. It's hard to create a believable character that makes sense and looks good when you are pretending to be someone you aren’t. If you are just yourself, it will be easy to be consistent and have answers to questions. If you are trying to be someone you are not, you will be shy because you will not know what to say as quickly. All that matters is that you express who you are with emotion. If you don’t have emotions then you are too boring and shouldn’t bother.
  • Some people act like reality TV is below them but reality programming is actually a respectable art form. The only reason we only recently got reality TV is because it only recently became possible due to technology. As technology advances further, we get more and better reality. Not only can it be less expensive to produce, the content is often more compelling and relevant.
  • Develop your character. Find out what they are looking for and what the show is about. Do not create a fake character…be yourself, but you will need to present the part of yourself that they are interested in with energy, passion and clear speaking. Showing your emotions not only through your words, but your face is important. I never knew how many facial expressions I had until I saw myself on TV!
  • Allow controversy to develop. Reality TV is all about conflict because that’s what people want. If there is something you disagree with, let the producers know it. Being right or wrong is less important than making a strong impassioned case that can stand up to disagreement. When you talk about yourself at a party, do people find you interesting? I found many people interested in my stories about the sex toy industry and about throwing hollywood parties. Thus, I was confident those things would be well received by producers. If you just describe yourself as “normal” that means common…people want to see or learn about new ways of living. Either by learning what not to do from crazy people or what to do from cool people. Be yourself and someone will think you are crazy and others will think you are cool. But no reaction is the only reaction that keeps you off a show.

Good luck and if all else fails, find a dying celebrity and make a sex tape. Warning: Don’t pretend to hide your child in a balloon and have the National Guard chase him down.